Jewelry handcrafted by artists

We are a stylish jewelry brand from United Kingdom

Comfort and luxury

We believe in traditionalcraftsmanship.

A pair of handmade jewelry from the selection of materials to molding, to go through dozens of processes such as casting, carving, grinding and polishing, we insist that each pair of jewelry handmade, only to send you a hundred miles of sincere work.

Our story

Fashion Shopping. Urban life.

Wearing shopping fashion factor multiplied, detonate the passerby turn around, is so simple

Enjoy the finest

Golded Pearl Bracelets

double layer and OT clasp design to makes it stylish

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Hypoallergenic Golded Bracelets

made of high-quality brass, free of lead and nickel

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Meaningful Gift

Pearl, the pure gem of the moon god, is the perfect gift to express your pure love.

The concept

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